Designing and operating technologies and solutions that support smart and sustainable cities, saving resources and cutting production costs, integrating recycled raw materials in the production chains, creating new alternative resources or developing local and renewable energy sources by reusing waste. In India, we have introduced various solutions that is adaptable to our ecosystem.
For the planet 

Fighting climate change

For us, fighting climate change is of the utmost importance.In our Group’s roadmap 2017-2021, we have set ourselves 13 objectives for climate.

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Protecting the oceans

We offer solutions to control water quality, limit pollution sources, including plastic waste in particular, and protect and restore coastlines.

How SUEZ is helping the cities

For the people

Supporting vulnerable populations

Be it ensuring safe drinking water to rural population in Rajasthan, a most water-stressed state in India, or introducing digital technologies to disadvantaged population -- SUEZ has been working to find better solutions in India.

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Acting for equal opportunities and diversity

Equal opportunities and diversity lie at the heart of the company’s social goal to provide human and economic wealth, which is a source of innovation for us.

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SUEZ Foundation – India

SUEZ Foundation- India was set up to concretise the company’s commitment towards well-being of the communities in which it operates.

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