Acting for equal opportunities and diversity

Equal opportunities and diversity lie at the heart of the company’s social goal to provide human and economic wealth, which is a source of innovation for us. We’re taking actions in these arenas in order to meet two additional goals.
Our commitments

Committing to health and safety for all

Health of our employees, subcontractors, customers and the populations among which we work. We aim to be a leader in this area, and deploy ambitious action plans to fulfil this goal. To attain our “Zero serious and fatal accident” goal, and create an integrated Health and Safety culture, SUEZ has initiated and continues to deploy a Health and Safety policy based on four areas:

  • Control of major risks
  • Committed employees for a proactive Health & Safety culture;
  • A participative, fair culture;
  • Training to develop Health & Safety behaviour.

Making gender equality a performance driver

Equal opportunities and diversity lie at the heart of the Group’s social performance, and the Group is committed to and taking concrete action in these areas. For the period 2017-2021, SUEZ has drawn up a full road-map dedicated to women’s development in the Group. In India, SUEZ aims to increase the number of women among non-managers, top executives, senior managers, and directors (with particular emphasis on those in operational positions), and the specialist roles. The company plans explicitly to increase by 10% the proportion of women further in its overall workforce, taking the total to 22%.

Our Action
Special efforts are made to hire women -- for every three shortlisted candidates for key positions, at least, a woman candidate is interviewed. The company’s goal is to meet not only these numbers but also change the mindset and to establish an authentic culture of gender diversity. It’s not a question of promoting women ahead of men, but preferably of highlighting how men and women are complementary and striving for a more harmonious environment in the business. 

In India, we are taking the following initiatives:

  • Constitution of Internal Complaints Committee as per the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013. The prime objective of this committee is to address any sexual harassment complaint as and when it arises, following the provisions of the act and the rules. The Internal Committee is also constituted at all administrative units and offices. Sensitization workshops are conducted regularly to familiarize both men and women about the fine line between healthy mixing of colleagues of different sexes and the behavior amounting to sexual harassment.
  • Six months of paid maternity leave for women employees for the first two children
  • Crèche for the kids (up to the age of 3 years) as per the Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Bill 2016 with effective from 01.04.17

Resource Revolution: It's our women's turn

SUEZ believes that diversity is indisputably a strength. Rather than it just being a matter of increasing the number of women in the Company, it involves asserting the notion that like men, women can effectively manage staff while wearing helmets and remaining true to themselves! The company believes in improving gender equality while embracing difference. This involves not only increasing the number of women in management roles, but also increasing the number of women working in traditionally male operational jobs. Going beyond pure statistics, the company realizes the need for mentoring to enable the women to get over the eternal question: “Can I do it?”


Diversity in support of the commitment

Four key commitments were outlined in 2008, SUEZ began structuring and managing its sustainable development policy using a series of road maps. The new road map for 2017-2021 comprises a social pillar built around four key commitments:

  • taking action for equal opportunities
  • boosting employee commitment and quality of life in the workplace
  • contributing to a responsible economy through local employment and local development
  • co-building solutions and opening up dialogue with all stakeholders

    SUEZ is an equal opportunity employer, and our hiring efforts are focused on increasing diversity and inclusion in India. India is a country with diverse culture and the employees in our company represent 28 states, covering almost every region of this vast country. We endeavor to enhance our gender diversity ratio two folds by 2020. Our Social inclusion roadmap involves bringing people from LGBTQ communities to the mainstream and also improve representation from the economically and socially weaker sections/communities.

    We are proud of the fact that millennial constitutes more than 50% of our employee strength, representing a healthy mix of experience and fresh ideas!