Our innovation ecosystem

Today, India is going through significant environmental challenges resulting from the exponential growth in population, exploding urbanization, climate change, scarcity of resources, etc. Being in environmental services, we understand there are challenges ahead, and we know how to convert those challenges into opportunities. SUEZ works collaboratively with its customers, recognizing the unique problems they are facing and delivering solutions that not only comply with the latest regulations but pretty much capable of addressing issues that are futuristic.
Innovating for our customers

Innovation has been an essential part of SUEZ’s DNA. It is this key aspect that makes us competitive – be it contractual or technological or process - we have successfully brought major breakthroughs that has revolutionized the industry. This is only possible because we have created an ecosystem that facilitates innovation. We understand we need to constantly develop our employees, furthering their expertise through training programmes that strengthens their technical capability as well as inspire them to think innovatively.

Our strength lies in our strong intent to work in the greater interest of human society and ability to adapt and change. Our passion drives us to deliver solutions that is able to address the challenges that our customers meet every day.

Our innovation ecosystem

Making Industrial Water treatment more efficient

To strengthen regional technical support, optimize commercial and manufacturing offer and conduct pilot studies, a new Technology Centre is being set up in Hoskote, Bangaluru in SUEZ Water Technologies and Solutions’ existing manufacturing facility. The new facility is scheduled to be completed by May 2019.

Built over an area of 17, 000 square feet, the Centre will have more than 50 engineers and chemical experts who will be strongly connected to regional business and customer base for testing, deployment of new platforms & localization of existing solutions.  The setting up of the new Tech Lab is one of the first critical strategic investment after the acquisition of GE Water by SUEZ in 2017 to strengthen its positioning in the industrial water market.

This Tech Centre will undoubtedly maximize team engagement with regional business as well as global growth boards, continuously strengthen industry vertical knowledge & expertise hence supporting the unique requirements of the clients sustainably, leveraging unique co-location of Lab and Analytics capabilities, apart from accelerating purposeful innovation. Since 2004, the Tech Centre, currently operating out of JK Welch Technology Center, has excellent performance track record having introduced 40 products, 45 patents were filed (25 granted), 65 engineering tools developed & deployed, 25 conference presentations, 15 publications, etc.

Partnership with NUMA for DataCity Program

In India, we are firmly committed to developing innovative services and products, and continue supporting the customers on most challenging issues, as we have been doing over the last 30 years. SUEZ wants to engage in open innovation program, wherein we aim to build a collaborative ecosystem involving customers, innovative start-ups, experts, researchers and team to work together to develop solutions.

To meet this objective, in 2018, in collaboration with Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board, the authority in charge of water supply and sanitation in Bengaluru, and NUMA, a French innovation hub, SUEZ launched DataCity Program in India.

DataCity is an international open innovation program, building innovative solutions to answer the challenges of global cities. It brings together city authorities, corporates and start-ups to address cities' problems and develop innovative solutions to build sustainable and efficient cities, using data and technology.

SUEZ’s collaboration with NUMA in India has been to support the Group's digital strategy for the development of resilient and sustainable cities. SUEZ participated in the DataCity program, organized since 2015 by the NUMA incubator with the City of Paris, the French State, and private sector companies, to meet the challenges of cities with the help of data. The program transformed Paris into a giant playground to test new urban solutions devised by entrepreneurs through the use of existing data.

In India, over a period of seven months, this program aims at bringing together the City of Bengaluru and the Corporates to co-create a problem statement, to identify relevant, innovative start-ups from a pool of applications and to experiment the solutions that are crafted using data provided by the city of Bengaluru and the Corporates.

First edition of Innovation Week celebrated

Droughts, floods and record-breaking wild fires, the seventh continent of plastic... Warnings are no longer enough. Together we must take action and innovate, to create solutions that will safeguard resources today and tomorrow.

From 12 to 19 October 2018, SUEZ organised its first week-long event dedicated to innovation for the smart and sustainable management of the planet’s resources. The week was marked by engaging events, visits to emblematic sites, conferences, webinars, workshops, hackathons, competitions and games.

Discover more about it - https://www.suez.com/en/Who-we-are/Innovating-for-the-future

Innovation: Yes, India team can do it!

Innovation is at the core of our transformation of the Group, and a key driver for business and brand value. In October 2018, SUEZ Group celebrated its first edition of Innovation Week globally. To mark this occasion, In India, #suezindiainnovationchallenge was launched to invite innovative project ideas from the employees. Forty innovative ideas were submitted by the employees across India, out of which five projects were selected for the final round. The quality and motivation expressed during the process reflected our employees’ commitment to SUEZ’s innovation culture.