Using digital tools at the service of resources

Digital technology is an efficient way to tackle the environmental issues that our customers are facing. We constantly innovate, to support their initiatives to improve the performance of their facilities.

Increasing efficiency and performance in resource management

Optimizing the management of flows in real time
Constantly monitoring networks
Informed better decision making
Our innovations

Integrating GIS to improve distribution and services

A good database is critical for efficient operation and maintenance of a distribution network. GIS is a powerful tool, that effectively links data on a real-time basis, and enables the user to solve problems by uncovering and analyzing trends.

In India, SUEZ has pioneered the integration of GIS into the water distribution sector. There are two areas where a digitally advanced operator like SUEZ can help the utilities – firstly, by developing a Base Map Data, which helps in understanding the customers' current requirements, and anticipate future needs and secondly, by helping improve customer services, by linking all the data to a centralized digital platform, called Real Times Operation Performance System (ROPeS).

All the data like leaks, water flow, pressure drops, etc. are produced, reported and analyzed at the Center in real time, helping the operators to resolve the incidents quickly. Such a system has enabled us to optimize the management of flows in real time successfully, monitor networks continuously, and anticipate incidents in our project areas.

SUEZ has been supporting the utilities in bringing major changes in water distribution in New Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Coimbatore, Davanagere, etc.



Ensuring safety, the digital way

In India, SUEZ has developed an Android as well as a Web-based platform where a user can easily report crisis/emergencies, incident/near-miss, danger/suggestion, and also about the managers’ site visits concerning to quality, health, safety, and environment issues. The application has streamlined the reporting, and data is now available on a real-time basis, to the H&S Manager to take quick actions, for any reported incident.

Industrial water services optimized with a digital approach

Insight: Capturing the power of data to maximize performance

It is SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions' manifestation of the industrial internet that connects people, data and machines. The cloud-based platform provides the means to capture and translate data into valuable information. As a result, the production processes enable our customers' applications and assets and operate reliably, efficiently and at the lowest total cost.

Digital Monitoring & Diagnostics

Optimizing chemical consumption and productivity while meeting regulations is essential for efficient plant operations. Our remote monitoring and diagnostic solutions aggregate, capture, and display data in meaningful ways, giving operators the insight, they need to make informed decisions. These solutions and the physical assets they control, are infused with digital capabilities, to drive better system outcomes through next-level predictive operations.