Over the last four decades, SUEZ has been consistently delivering smart and sustainable solutions to customers in India by transferring the Group’s global knowledge and advanced technologies, and adapting them to local conditions to find more precise answers. Over these decades, our services and operation have helped our customers ensuring the citizens of India get access to safe drinking water and sanitation, and the industries could adhere to evolving stringent environmental compliance. As resources are dwindling while demand continues to increase in India, SUEZ’s dedicated 4000+ employees will continue to develop solutions to face these new challenges. As always, SUEZ is committed to shape a sustainable environment, now!

Our Local Presence

In India, we are the leader in water resource management, having designed and built over 750+ state-of-the art water and wastewater treatment infrastructure for cities and industries, serving over 55 million people with 7.5 billion litres of safe drinking water every day, building and managing facilities with combined capacity to treat one billion liters of wastewater from cities and industries, managing water distribution network and offering best-in-class services to 15 million consumers across India, manufacturing highly advanced membranes that help in desalination of one billion liters of water, etc.

Our ambition

As SUEZ has progressively transformed its business model from an environmental services company to a circular economy services company, we aim to bring this expertise to each and every local project, so that our customers are benefited over a long period of time.

Our innovation

Our strategy relies on an ambitious research and innovation goals to make measurable contributions to the resource revolution. This allows a highly differentiated offer and enables our customers to achieve greater efficiency in environmental management.

Our commitment

Designing and operating technologies and solutions that support smart and sustainable cities, saving resources and cutting production costs, integrating recycled raw materials in the production chains, creating new alternative resources or developing local and renewable energy sources by reusing waste. In India, we have introduced various solutions that is adaptable to our ecosystem.